Tabernacle’s 2017 Reorganization And Resolutions

new-years-resolutions-1The new year is the time when local governments reorganize. Tabernacle held its 2017 committee reorganization meeting on January 3. Stephen Lee, IV and Joseph Yates, IV were re-nominated mayor and deputy mayor and were sworn in. The Committee then adopted Resolutions 2017-1 through 2017-24 to make various appointments and address administrative issues such as the selection of official newspapers, the deposit and investment bank and the deer carcass removal agreement.

The new year is also the time when people make resolutions to improve themselves and do better. Here are four resolutions that the New Jersey Herald suggests all government entities adopt (January 1, 2017). They would be a significant improvement over the way Tabernacle currently runs its business. How about adopting them as Tabernacle Resolution 2017-25.

FIRST: “Resolve to be transparent. The public’s business should be conducted in public as much as possible and appropriate.”

SECOND: “Resolve to be responsive. The citizens appearing before you are voicing opinions and seeking answers. Listen to them and answer their questions.”

THIRD: “Public comment periods are required by the state’s Open Public Meetings Act for municipal governing bodies and boards of education. Although OPMA does not require officials to provide answers, it does not prohibit that courtesy.”

FOURTH: “Likewise, public documents that are clearly public through the Open Public Records Act should be made available upon request without having to have an attorney review (at cost) and wait several days. Records custodians should be well aware of what documents are public.”

I resolve to continue to press this Committee to be transparent and accountable.

I also wish everyone a healthy and prosperous New Year. 2017-ny

The next township meeting will be held January 23, at 7:30 PM, at town hall.