Tabernacle Adopts Bogus Open Public Records Act Resolution Based On Misleading “Data”

At the November 25, 2019 meeting, the committee unanimously adopted Resolution 2019-119, which concerns the Open Public Records Act (OPRA). The resolution was developed by the Municipal Clerks’ Association of New Jersey (Association) with the blessings of the New Jersey League of Municipalities (League). It praises the good purposes of OPRA but lobbies for a Read More…

Tabernacle Township’s Latest OPRA And OPMA Violations

Tabernacle has admitted in Superior Court that it violated the Open Public Records Act (OPRA). It also admitted that it’s been violating the Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA). These aren’t surprising admissions for those who have been watching. In the consent order to settle this complaint, which I filed in May 2018, Tabernacle agreed to

Tabernacle Admits To OPRA And OPMA Violations; June 2019 Meeting Videos

There are 565 municipalities in New Jersey. Last week, through a Superior Court consent order, a Tabernacle Township employee received a civil penalty for “knowingly and willfully” withholding public documents, since the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) became law in 2001. Separately, in the same consent order, the Tabernacle Township Clerk was ordered to retract

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