Township Committee Meetings Now Video Recorded

Camcorder on TripodNot much happened at the November 10 meeting, EXCEPT that the meeting was video recorded. Video recordings of the Committee meetings are now available on YouTube at TabernacleOG or just click below! (OG is short for open government.) I will also continue to provide the audio recordings of township meetings.

The County Freeholders and many other townships in Burlington County (and throughout the State) make their audio and video recordings available to the public. Tabernacle Township chooses not to do this even though the Committee spent over $6,000 on a state-of-the-art recording system that has both audio and video capability.

As TTJ readers may remember, I wrote about the audio recording issue in the September 7, 2013 post “Why Aren’t Recordings of Public Meetings on the Township Website?” and in the January 25, 2014 post “No Official Audio Recordings For Tabernacle Residents.”

Notwithstanding the Township Committee’s lack of interest in keeping residents informed, people who cannot attend the meetings can now watch what’s happening in Tabernacle government.