No Action Yet On Tabernacle’s 2018 Budget

hourglassAt the May 21, 2018 township meeting, the committee didn’t adopt a budget because its vote to adopt an amendment to the budget failed to pass by a 2 to 1 vote. Passage required a majority of the full committee (three members). But only three members attended the meeting – Deputy Mayor Lee, Committeewoman Brown and Committeeman Yates. And Mrs. Brown voted against it.

At the previous township meeting (April 23, 2018), the committee discussed around $71,000 of reductions, which would have eliminated the need for the proposed one cent tax increase. The amendment at the May meeting contained additional cuts, largely from the township’s contribution to the Tabernacle Rescue Squad.

Committeewoman Brown opposed reducing the township’s contribution to the Tabernacle Rescue Squad because, in her view, individual residents would be billed for transport costs that were not covered by their insurance. But as TTJ has discussed for years in previous Posts, there are better options besides taxpayer contributions to fund these unpaid balances. Committeewoman Brown has been unwilling to explore or consider other options.

Because the committee didn’t pass a budget, it scheduled a special meeting for June 4, 2018 at 6:30 PM to take it up again. Tabernacle’s official website says that an amendment will be released on Monday. That could mean during the workday or at the meeting.

The committee also intends to announce the appointments of the public safety director and certified financial officer at the June 4, meeting.