Tabernacle Forms New Fire Company

The New Township Fire Company For the third time in eight years, Tabernacle has a new fire company. At its October 26, meeting, the township committee created a township fire company named the “Tabernacle Fire Company” (Ordinance 2020-4). The committee will choose the company’s new chief who will select its officers subject to the consent Read More…

Welcome To “Tabernacle Rescue Squad Township” Where The Squad Gets The Gold Mine And The Residents Get The Shaft

At the January 22, 2019 township meeting, the committee approved a contract with the Tabernacle Rescue Squad (TRS) for EMS services and a new use license agreement for the TRS’s use of the Emergency Services Building (ESB). The new contract and use license agreement are supposed to fulfill the promise the committee made to the

Tabernacle Rescue Squad To Tabernacle Fire Company: “Stay Home”

The April 10, 2017 meeting was routine until Andrew Cunard informed the committee that the Tabernacle Rescue Squad (TRS) had arranged for the Evesham Fire-Rescue, not the Tabernacle Fire Company #1 (TFC#1), to cover the Township while the TRS was busy with its awards banquet. The TRS’s choice of an outside company was news to Read More…

Tabernacle Committee Fools Residents Again. Fire Services: Good And Bad

For the second straight meeting, Mayor Steven Lee, IV added a new item to the Committee’s agenda at the public meeting, instead of listing it in advance. This time, the new item, Resolution 2017-30, was just put on a front chair a few minutes before the meeting started, while Mayor Lee informally said that it

What’s Happening With Emergency Services In Tabernacle? Part 3

Part 3 of “What’s Happening With Emergency Services In Tabernacle” presents an overview of the Committee’s discussions of the provision of fire and emergency services at the Township meetings on September 28, October 26, and November 9, 2015. It focuses on the proposed merger and reorganization of Fire and EMS. The Decentralized Plan. In its Read More…